Why Solvent Free Cleaning is the Right Choice for You

It really is no secret that traditional dry-cleaning methods have been in the spotlight for some time now.  The chemicals used in the process are not only harmful to the environment, they are also harmful to you and your family.  As the premier Kitsilano solvent free drycleaners, we are proud to offer a safe alternative.  Here is an overview of why choosing solvent free is the right choice for you.

Traditional Dry Cleaning

The traditional dry-cleaning process has always relied upon harsh chemicals to get your clothes clean.  The main culprit is perchloroethylene or PERC.  PERC has been linked to a wide range of health conditions and is a suspected carcinogen.  Some of the more alarming health concerns of PERC include:

  • Short term effects – shortness of breath, dizziness and headaches, according to the EPA.
  • Long term exposure can lead to different types of cancers and kidney damage.

Your garments are soaked in a chemical bath of PERC and then dried.  Not all the PERC residue is removed and depending upon the type of fibers in your clothing (cotton, Polyester, wool), your clothing retains a certain amount of this harmful chemical.  Your clothes are then zipped into bags which helps to contain the chemical that is then slowly released into the air and into your skin when you wear that piece of clothing.

Here’s the Deal:

The hydrocarbons in PERC break down very slowly in the air, so the chemical effects can travel long distances and can linger in your home and in your clothes for a long period of time, making it dangerous to you and your family members.

Go Solvent Free

So, what’s the answer?

There are other alternatives to the traditional cleaning method.  At West Boulevard Cleaners, we offer a solvent free approach that does not harm the environment nor is it harmful to you or your loved ones.  Our solvent free method utilizes ecofriendly detergents and water.  This cleaning process is easier and gentler on your clothes because we do not use any harsh chemicals in the cleaning process.

You will be very pleased with the results as they are as good or better than traditional dry cleaning and will leave your clothes smelling and feeling fresher and cleaner and without that chemical smell.

No one wants to be exposed to harmful chemicals or have to deal with health problems later in their life.  Almost every industry is moving towards a greener future and making the switch to a solvent free cleaning approach for your clothes.  Stop by today to see why our solvent free cleaning method is the right choice for you and your clothes.  Our friendly and professional staff would love to answer any questions that you may have.  We look forward to seeing you soon.






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