Our Difference

solvent free cleaning

The main advantage our system has over traditional dry cleaning is that it’s safer. The most often used solvent in the dry cleaning process is perchlorethylene (PERC), a hazardous chemical that can cause neurological, kidney and liver damage after short-term exposure, and more serious afflictions with long-term exposure.

In contrast, our cleaning system uses specialized detergents and conditioners that contain no dangerous solvents. They are milder than home laundry products. It’s the way we use them that makes all the difference. Customers tell us our cleaning system produces amazing results.

Because our cleaning system does not require hazardous chemicals, it is also more environmentally friendly than traditional dry cleaning. By using only water and biodegradable detergent, it does not generate hazardous waste, nor run the risk of contaminating water, air or soil. The lack of dangerous solvents in the wet cleaning process means it’s safer for your garments, for your health, and for the environment.

Free Pickup and Delivery

Our free pick-up and delivery offers you a quick and convenient way to avoid another errand in your already busy schedule. See a map of our free pick-up and delivery area.