Shrink your Carbon Footprint: Little Changes Make a Big Difference

The ever-growing environmental movement is changing the political arena in the province; it is also influencing how many companies and individuals do business.  As your Kitsilano dry cleaning alternative, we see the value of running a green business and are always trying to reduce our own carbon footprint.  Here are some small changes that you can make that will have a huge impact on reducing your own carbon footprint.

Product Placement

The types of products you choose in your day to day life can have an impact on the environment.  This list is extensive and includes everything from household cleaners to soaps, shampoos and even toothpaste.  What you may not know is that the products businesses use can also impact the environment either positively or negatively.

At West Boulevard Cleaners, we have always used solvent free detergents that are more effective and far safer for both you and the environment.  Traditional dry-cleaning methods use the carcinogenic chemical PERC.  By supporting businesses that share the same environmental vision as you do, you are not only reducing the amount of chemicals and other harmful products in your environment, you are also reducing your carbon footprint.

Take Advantage of Services

When looking at where you want to spend your money and what companies you want to support, before making your final decision, have a look at the services they offer.  Services can not only save you time, they can also help reduce your carbon footprint.

At West Boulevard Cleaners, we offer free pickup and delivery service for our customers because we know how busy life can be and we also understand that the less cars on the road, the less emissions and the cleaner the air is in our beautiful city.

Clothing Choices

What you wear can greatly impact your environmental choices as well as your carbon footprint.  Fast fashion refers to cheaply made inexpensive clothing that seems to offer an almost endless supply of choices, colours and prints.  Unfortunately, because of the quality of these clothes as well as their price point, most of this “fast fashion” ends up in our landfills – over 15 million tons to be exact.

The list is endless of the environmental and social issues attached to “fast fashion.”  It includes:

  • Soil contamination because of the pesticides and herbicides used to grow cheap cotton.
  • Water contamination of nearby crops as well as run-off and dead zones in bodies of water created by pesticides.
  • Overseas labour laws, including dangerous working conditions, as well as child labour.

By educating yourself and making small yet effective changes you can not only reduce your carbon footprint, you will also make a statement of what type of planet you want to live on.  If you are interested in other ways to reduce your global footprint or would like to see how our environmentally friendly cleaning services can benefit you, please stop by today.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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