Price List

We have competitive prices even though we provide outstanding service. Come in and give us a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

Item Price
Laundered Shirt $5.30
Laundered Shirt Folded $6.70
Pants $16.50
Sports Jacket $20.25
2pc Suit $33.70
3pc Suit $42.40
Coat $47.15
Tie $11.15
Item Price
Dress $27.50
Shirt/Blouse Hand Press $16.20
Sweater $18.00
Shorts $13.35
Down Comforter(single) $56.60
Polyfil Comforter(single) $46.10
Sports Shirt $11.55
Wind Breaker $28.45
*Because one item may vary greatly from the next, all prices are minimums, and are subject to change without notice. For specialty items such as wedding gowns, fine linens, and blankets please bring them to our Kerrisdale location for an in-person quote.

Sorry, we don’t clean drapes or leather goods.