Green Tips for Summer Living

If the last few weeks are any indication of what is ahead in Vancouver, then this summer promises to be a blockbuster.  Before planning your summer and blocking off weekends for BBQ’s and other great events, take a minute to think about how you can reduce your carbon footprint.  As the premier eco-friendly Kitsilano solvent free dry cleaners, we would like to offer you the following ways to help you go green this summer.

Walk More, Drive Less

Gas prices will continue to increase this summer, so why not save money and enjoy that summer sunshine?  Choose an alternate transportation method such as walking, biking or public transit.  These methods will be healthier and are far more environmentally friendly.

Be Picky

Sunscreen protects us from the harmful rays of the sun and is a necessity if you are going to be out at the local pools or beaches.  However, you may want to consider or reconsider your sunscreen choice, as all products are not created equally.  Traditional sunscreens are full of chemicals that not only hurt reefs and the ocean, they may also be hurting you as well.  Choose a sunscreen that is natural and free of harmful chemicals.


Take a little extra time to recycle this summer.  This needs to go further than just separating your household trash.  Instead, try to limit the garbage that you create on your outings, your picnics and your day at the beach.  Ways to greatly reduce the amount of trash that you create include:

  • Use a drinking bottle that you can refill instead of multiple bottles of water.
  • Choose a metal straw instead of a plastic one or no straw at all.
  • Bring your own cutlery instead of using plastic throwaways.
  • Choose paper plates or even better, bring your own instead of using plastic plates.

Local Support

By choosing local businesses and local produce, you are not only supporting local communities you are also drastically reducing your carbon footprint.  Try to support businesses that share the same vision as you do and support green business choices.  We at West Boulevard Cleaners only use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep your summer clothes looking like new all season long and are fully committed to keeping Vancouver and our province as green as possible.

In addition to a non-chemical approach to our solvent free dry cleaning, we also provide a free pickup and delivery service.  Our services are aimed at complete customer service and keeping our city beautiful for generations to come.  Stop by today to see how our services can benefit you.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Have a great summer from West Boulevard Cleaners.

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