Fall Fashion Trends – Part 2

With so many different fashion trends available for fall, it was impossible to fit them all into one blog.  As your premier Kitsilano solvent free dry cleaning alternative, here is the second installment of this year’s hottest fall fashion trends.  Pick your favourites and be sure to step into Vancouver’s most picturesque season in style.


Get your spots on this fall.  Look for your favourite coat, blazer or even skirt in leopard print.  Faux fur spotted coats are a great way to keep warm and fashionable.


Another bold fashion statement this fall is lace. Look for lace tops, dresses and skirts in a variety of cuts and patterns.  For the ultimate ladylike outfit, try pairing your favourite lace top with a matching lace skirt.

Millennial Purple

If 2018 was all about millennial pink, then the colour for fall 2019 is millennial purple.  There is a large range of different shades to choose from so choose your favourite and be sure to have at least a few pieces with an orchard purple hue in your wardrobe.


This fall, feathers are popping up everywhere and on everything.  From coats to the cuffs of jeans, give your fall wardrobe a lighter look with your favourite feathery fashion statement.


It seems that this year’s suit selections have been built around a cinched waist to show off the belt.  Even if you don’t want to invest in a suit or jacket, you can still show off your favourite belt.  Some of the belt designs that are sure to be seen this fall include:

  • Large or oversized leather belts with a bold patterned buckle.
  • Thin, sleek black leather or faux belts with metallic buckles.
  • Grommet belts of all different shapes and sizes.

Regardless of what type of belt you choose, be sure to show it off and complete any type of fall fashion trend.


With the amount of cold, wet weather we are sure to have this fall, no fall fashion is complete without a hat to keep the rain off.  It seems toques are not the choice this year, but instead, many designers are getting creative and perhaps even a little wacky.  Make quite the statement with a bucket hat or tone it down and go with the always trendy newsboy or brimmed fedora.  Whatever your choice is the main thing is to stay warm and dry this fall.

This extensive list of fall trends offer a variety of different fashion choices, colours and accessories.  Mix and match your favourites and get out and enjoy the season.  If you have any questions about how to properly care for your garments or are interested in the many services that we offer, please call or stop by today.  We look forward to seeing you soon.









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