Fall Fashion Trends – Part 1

It is time to put away the shorts and tank tops and get ready for some cooler, wetter weather.  The changing seasons bring an opportunity for some new and exciting fashion statements.  As your premier Kitsilano solvent free dry cleaning alternative, here are some of our favourite fall fashion trends that are sure to keep you warm and dry as well as turn some heads.



Get ready to feel like a superhero this fall.  Capes are one of the trendiest fashion accessories.  This oversized outerwear is turning heads on the chicest runways.  Pair it with your favourite pair of boots and jeans this fall.


Floral Patterns

Trade in your yellow, daisy summer prints for a darker, moodier floral print that is perfect for the fall and winter season.  Your favourite dresses, tops and skirts will be available in a wide range of floral colours and patterns.  Choose the style that best suits your mood and get ready to make a bold statement.


Smart Suits

Suits never really go out of style, but one of this fall’s biggest fashion trends is the power suit or the smart suit.  Look for a wide range of styles in neutral colours and get powered up this fall.


Jewel Colours

Not all your fashion choices will be neutral or dark coloured.  Look for a wide range of jewel coloured tops, coats and accessories to brighten up your fall wardrobe.



Plaid is always in season during the fall months.  Many of the top fashion designers are offering a wide range of trendy plaid prints.  One of the most popular looks this fall is a plaid blazer matched with biker shorts.  Choose from big, bold plaid patterns or smaller, less flashy neutral patterns.


Cozy Outwear


No fashion list would be complete without some cozy outwear options that will keep you dry and warm this fall.  This year the must have fashion trend is puffy outerwear wear.  These garments are not only functional, but they will also work for the winter months as well.


Go big and bold with loud colours such as fire engine red or tone it down a notch and choose a more neutral colour or the always trendy white and black.  No matter your choice or personal preference, puffy outerwear is sure to keep you snug and warm on even the coldest autumn evening.


These are just some of the must have fall fashion trends that are sure to turn heads this year in Vancouver.  Be sure to bring your garments to us, so that we can keep them looking like new for the season.  We are proud to offer solvent free dry cleaning that is not only environmentally friendly, it is also chemical free.  Contact us or stop by today and see what cleaning services are right for you.

Happy Fall from West Boulevard Cleaners.




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