Cut Down on Fashion Waste: Alterations

Every year, millions of garments are discarded in our landfills. Unfortunately, many of these garments are far from worn out, but in a consumer society, many of us see clothes as disposable. As Vancouver’s premier eco-friendly professional cleaners, we would like to offer you a different approach for your garments; an approach that your wallet and our planet will thank you for – alterations and repairs.

Quality Over Quantity

Yes, fashions come and go, but classics are forever. When it comes to choosing your clothes, it may be a better long-term investment to choose quality over quantity, especially when it comes to classics such as white dress shirts, sports jackets or black cocktail dresses. In our opinion, quality clothing lasts longer, fits better and has straighter seams. Instead of replacing classics year after year, consider shopping for a superior cut.
You can always make alterations to a quality classic so that it fits you the way you want. This is a far more economical and eco-friendly approach to constantly replacing your clothes. Feel free to bring in your favourite garment and see the difference a custom fit and custom alteration can do for you.

Repair Instead of Replace

Unfortunately even the best quality clothes can get damaged. Instead of throwing out your garments, consider repairing them. Most clothes can be mended and seams can be resewn. Mending can breathe new life into old garments, but it can also add a new flair to your clothing by adding a customizable approach to your clothes.
Easy fixes that should be mended or repaired include:

  • Missing buttons off your favourite dress shirt or blouse.
  • A run in your merino wool sweater.
  • A split seam or an unraveling seam.

You do not need to learn to sew or mend your clothes to keep them in top shape. We offer unparalleled mending and repair services that are guaranteed to add life to any damaged garment.

Go Green

Repairing and altering your clothes is part of a larger movement. Living in one of the most spectacular places on earth, it is easy to see why an eco-friendlier lifestyle is desirable and something to strive for. As part of the business community for over 19 years, we couldn’t agree more. We provide an eco-friendly cleaning service that will extend the length of your clothing and keep it looking new and out of the landfill for years to come.
Vancouver is a busy city and time is an important commodity. To free up your precious time and accommodate your schedule, we are proud to offer a free pick-up and delivery service for your cleaning, repair and alteration needs. Contact us today and see how you can take advantage of this service or bring in your damaged clothes that need custom altering. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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