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Fall Fashion Trends – Part 1

It is time to put away the shorts and tank tops and get ready for some cooler, wetter weather.  The changing seasons bring an opportunity for some new and exciting fashion statements.  As your premier Kitsilano solvent free dry cleaning alternative, here are some of our favourite fall fashion trends that are sure to keep you warm and dry as well as turn some heads.



Get ready to feel like a superhero this fall.  Capes are one of the trendiest fashion accessories.  This oversized outerwear is turning heads on the chicest runways.  Pair it with your favourite pair of boots and jeans this fall.


Floral Patterns

Trade in your yellow, daisy summer prints for a darker, moodier floral print that is perfect for the fall and winter season.  Your favourite dresses, tops and skirts will be available in a wide range of floral colours and patterns.  Choose the style that best suits your mood and get ready to make a bold statement.


Smart Suits

Suits never really go out of style, but one of this fall’s biggest fashion trends is the power suit or the smart suit.  Look for a wide range of styles in neutral colours and get powered up this fall.


Jewel Colours

Not all your fashion choices will be neutral or dark coloured.  Look for a wide range of jewel coloured tops, coats and accessories to brighten up your fall wardrobe.



Plaid is always in season during the fall months.  Many of the top fashion designers are offering a wide range of trendy plaid prints.  One of the most popular looks this fall is a plaid blazer matched with biker shorts.  Choose from big, bold plaid patterns or smaller, less flashy neutral patterns.


Cozy Outwear


No fashion list would be complete without some cozy outwear options that will keep you dry and warm this fall.  This year the must have fashion trend is puffy outerwear wear.  These garments are not only functional, but they will also work for the winter months as well.


Go big and bold with loud colours such as fire engine red or tone it down a notch and choose a more neutral colour or the always trendy white and black.  No matter your choice or personal preference, puffy outerwear is sure to keep you snug and warm on even the coldest autumn evening.


These are just some of the must have fall fashion trends that are sure to turn heads this year in Vancouver.  Be sure to bring your garments to us, so that we can keep them looking like new for the season.  We are proud to offer solvent free dry cleaning that is not only environmentally friendly, it is also chemical free.  Contact us or stop by today and see what cleaning services are right for you.

Happy Fall from West Boulevard Cleaners.




4 Surefire Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Service Providers

Cleaner in laundry shop checking clean clothes

In today’s world, it seems that almost every company is offering different perks to try to get your business. These services can quickly add value to the overall product and can become the make-or-break part of the deal as to whether you choose their services or look elsewhere. Here is a quick look at how to get the most out of any service that companies may offer.

Point rewards that are offered by certain companies can quickly accumulate and offer great bonuses for using their services. This is especially true if you use a credit card. All major cards offer some type of loyalty points reward system such as cash back or free airplane tickets. Make sure to take full advantage of these services if you use a credit card. Make sure to inquire about the fees attached to these services and never carry a balance on your credit card as they will quickly add up and negate any perks that are attached to the card.

Some companies chose to reward their customers with loyalty rewards. These rewards can be free products or percentages off future purchases. You may want to look for customer loyalty cards to get more out of each purchase with that specific company. The next time you are looking for a certain product, it may be worth your time to look around for a company that will reward you for your loyalty.

Pick-up and delivery services
Certain companies will offer free pick-up and delivery services. We are a premier Kitsilano dry cleaning company that offers this service. We feel that this free pick-up and delivery service adds extra value to our outstanding service and product. This service will not only save you time, it will also add extra convenience to your busy life.

Services and customer service
The banking industry is a great example of where you can shop and compare various services. These can include no fees or free chequing. Look at what is available and see what services will best suit your needs. All companies should offer some type of customer service. Excellent customer service usually results in return customers. This service can come in the form of a quick turnaround on your product. Not only do we offer a free pick-up and delivery service, we also offer a quick turnaround on all our laundry services and provide you with excellent customer service.

The next time you are out looking for products, take a few minutes and see if any of the companies you are looking at offer perks for their services. Remember, the next time you are in the market for a laundry service or dry cleaning in Vancouver, we not only offer outstanding customer service, we also offer free pick-up and delivery service.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Dry Cleaner

Your local dry cleaner offers a plethora of services that will help to ensure that your clothes look professional, clean and will last for many years to come. Here are the top 5 reasons to get your clothes dry cleaned.

The Dry Cleaning Process itself
The process of dry cleaning will not fade, shrink or distort any of your delicate or expensive clothing items. The dry cleaning process can dissolve dirt, grease and other stains in a way that your washing machine simply cannot. The dry cleaning process will help restore all of your clothes to that “like new” state and will prevent any shrinking, fading or distortion.

Fabric knowledge and expertise
As a dry cleaning professional, we pride ourselves on knowing all types of fabric and the best way to care for each. This includes not only wool or polyester but also angora and rayon as well. We also pride ourselves on our knowledge of not only fabric, but also fashion, and stain removal. We will properly and professionally care for your garments and clean them the proper way.

Stain Removal
Not only are we experts of fabric, we are also great at getting out those pesky stains. We have the knowledge and abilities to remove almost all types of stains from almost any type of fabric. Why risk ruining or damaging your favorite shirt with an over the counter stain remover when you can rely on our expertise?

Why bother with all of the fuss and muss of stain removal, ironing and pressing when you can drop off your clothes and come and pick them up clean, ironed and professionally pressed. We also offer a free pick-up and delivery service to offer you even more convenience.

We are an eco-friendly Kitsilano dry cleaner. We offer professional service and friendly advice and would love to become your dry cleaning service. If you have any questions about a clothing item or eco friendly dry cleaning, we would be happy to answer them, drop us a line anytime. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Protect Your Clothes from Insect Damage

clothing stacked

One of the major challenges when storing clothes for any amount of time is keeping the insects away from them. Moths, silverfish and beetles all lay eggs that hatch into hungry larva that love to eat away at your expensive fabrics. If using harsh pesticides or smelly moth balls isn’t your thing, then what techniques can you use to protect your clothing between wearings? Here are a few ideas on how to protect your clothes from insect damage.

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