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Green up your Fall

It is never too late to join the green movement.  By going green you can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce the amount of waste you create and believe it or not, maybe even save yourself a few dollars.  As Kitsilano’s premier eco-friendly dry cleaners, we would like to offer you the following ideas on how to go green this fall.

Conserve Energy

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, you will probably end up using more energy to light and heat your home.  These are some ways to conserve or even reduce energy in the fall include:

  1. Turn off lights in a room when you are not using them.
  2. Consider switching your lights to more energy efficient lights such as compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). CFL’s use about 70% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Incandescent means generating light from heat.  This is the way light bulbs have worked since they were invented by Thomas Alva Edison.
  3. Or even better than CFL’s, why not switch to LED light bulbs? They cost more than CFL’s but last longer.  If you run a single incandescent bulb 5 hours a day for two years, it will cost you around $32 (depending on your energy rates). Most of that money is spent on electricity. If you run a single LED bulb 5 hours a day for two years, it will cost you $12.
  4. Lower your thermostat or invest in a smart or programmable thermostat so that you are only heating certain rooms or using heat at certain times of the day.
  5. Use warm water instead of hot in your washing machine. Or even better, use cold water.  Lightly soiled items come just as clean in cold water.
  6. Hang dry the garments you don’t bring to us, perhaps on your shower curtain rod.

Use Less Water

Living in Vancouver, it may be hard to think about conserving water as all it does is rain in the fall and winter months, but reducing the amount of water you use can save you money in the long run and will reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Use shorter wash cycles on your washing machine, or invest in an eco-friendly washing machine.
  • Try to shorten your shower by even a minute. I’ve heard using a wash cloth is not only better for your skin, but if you put soap on your cloth instead of on your body you can spend less time in the shower.  You will not only conserve water, you will also save on your hot water bill.
  • Install aerators on your taps and a low flow shower head. Both will reduce your water consumption and may come with a tax rebate, saving you money.

Cut the Plastic

Cut back on your reliance with plastic.

  • Instead of plastic bags, use cloth tote bags for shopping.
  • Recycle excess plastic bags so that they don’t end up in a landfill or in our oceans.
  • Request paper bags when food shopping, as they are sometimes made with already recycled paper, and are easier to recycle.
  • Decline plastic covers if you can do without when purchasing clothes.

Save Fuel

One look at the cost of fuel in Vancouver will have you wondering how to conserve or get the most out of your next tank of gas.

One way is to look for companies that offer free pick-up and delivery services like we do.  This will not only save you time but also help you conserve fuel.  We are proud to offer a free pick-up and delivery service and our friendly and professional staff would love to be a part of your overall green initiative.

Take public transit to work and back if you can, or better yet, use a bicycle.

We are an eco-friendly cleaner that believes in the green movement.  This is the only planet we have.  Let’s do our best to keep it clean.  All our services are aimed at not only reducing our impact on the environment but also providing you with a quality eco-friendly cleaning service.



4 Surefire Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Service Providers

Cleaner in laundry shop checking clean clothes

In today’s world, it seems that almost every company is offering different perks to try to get your business. These services can quickly add value to the overall product and can become the make-or-break part of the deal as to whether you choose their services or look elsewhere. Here is a quick look at how to get the most out of any service that companies may offer.

Point rewards that are offered by certain companies can quickly accumulate and offer great bonuses for using their services. This is especially true if you use a credit card. All major cards offer some type of loyalty points reward system such as cash back or free airplane tickets. Make sure to take full advantage of these services if you use a credit card. Make sure to inquire about the fees attached to these services and never carry a balance on your credit card as they will quickly add up and negate any perks that are attached to the card.

Some companies chose to reward their customers with loyalty rewards. These rewards can be free products or percentages off future purchases. You may want to look for customer loyalty cards to get more out of each purchase with that specific company. The next time you are looking for a certain product, it may be worth your time to look around for a company that will reward you for your loyalty.

Pick-up and delivery services
Certain companies will offer free pick-up and delivery services. We are a premier Kitsilano dry cleaning company that offers this service. We feel that this free pick-up and delivery service adds extra value to our outstanding service and product. This service will not only save you time, it will also add extra convenience to your busy life.

Services and customer service
The banking industry is a great example of where you can shop and compare various services. These can include no fees or free chequing. Look at what is available and see what services will best suit your needs. All companies should offer some type of customer service. Excellent customer service usually results in return customers. This service can come in the form of a quick turnaround on your product. Not only do we offer a free pick-up and delivery service, we also offer a quick turnaround on all our laundry services and provide you with excellent customer service.

The next time you are out looking for products, take a few minutes and see if any of the companies you are looking at offer perks for their services. Remember, the next time you are in the market for a laundry service or dry cleaning in Vancouver, we not only offer outstanding customer service, we also offer free pick-up and delivery service.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Dry Cleaner

Your local dry cleaner offers a plethora of services that will help to ensure that your clothes look professional, clean and will last for many years to come. Here are the top 5 reasons to get your clothes dry cleaned.

The Dry Cleaning Process itself
The process of dry cleaning will not fade, shrink or distort any of your delicate or expensive clothing items. The dry cleaning process can dissolve dirt, grease and other stains in a way that your washing machine simply cannot. The dry cleaning process will help restore all of your clothes to that “like new” state and will prevent any shrinking, fading or distortion.

Fabric knowledge and expertise
As a dry cleaning professional, we pride ourselves on knowing all types of fabric and the best way to care for each. This includes not only wool or polyester but also angora and rayon as well. We also pride ourselves on our knowledge of not only fabric, but also fashion, and stain removal. We will properly and professionally care for your garments and clean them the proper way.

Stain Removal
Not only are we experts of fabric, we are also great at getting out those pesky stains. We have the knowledge and abilities to remove almost all types of stains from almost any type of fabric. Why risk ruining or damaging your favorite shirt with an over the counter stain remover when you can rely on our expertise?

Why bother with all of the fuss and muss of stain removal, ironing and pressing when you can drop off your clothes and come and pick them up clean, ironed and professionally pressed. We also offer a free pick-up and delivery service to offer you even more convenience.

We are an eco-friendly Kitsilano dry cleaner. We offer professional service and friendly advice and would love to become your dry cleaning service. If you have any questions about a clothing item or eco friendly dry cleaning, we would be happy to answer them, drop us a line anytime. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Protect Your Clothes from Insect Damage

clothing stacked

One of the major challenges when storing clothes for any amount of time is keeping the insects away from them. Moths, silverfish and beetles all lay eggs that hatch into hungry larva that love to eat away at your expensive fabrics. If using harsh pesticides or smelly moth balls isn’t your thing, then what techniques can you use to protect your clothing between wearings? Here are a few ideas on how to protect your clothes from insect damage.

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Caring for Sweaters


Winter is sweater season. After you have had your sweaters cleaned using West Boulevard Cleaner’s solvent free cleaning process, it is time to store them until you wear them again or put them away for the season. Here are some caring for sweaters tips, so they can continue to keep you warm and let you look great while they are doing it.

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Trust West Boulevard Cleaners to Remove Your Most Stubborn Stains

Not only is our Miele WetCare Professional system better for your clothes and better for the environment than traditional dry cleaning, it also generates results that you never thought possible.

Check out these before-and-after pictures of this jacket lining which ran into some sticky, stubborn Silly Putty!

If you’re faced with stubborn stains in your household, learn more about our free pick-up and delivery service. With our quick and easy service right to your door, you’ll have your most precious clothing and household items looking new again in no time!

before and after at west boulevard cleaners