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What You Can Do with Old Suits and Dresses

We’ve all been there. You’re doing some spring cleaning and decide to go through your closet, only to find a treasure trove of old dresses, suits and other clothing that you’ve held onto for years. Your Kitsilano dry cleaners are all too familiar with that dilemma.

Some items hold special sentimental value that makes them difficult to part with. Others may be in poor condition, which complicates the option of giving them away. If you’ve held on to certain items for so long, it may seem like a waste to simply throw them out. Luckily, we have several ideas to help you decide what to do with those old suits and dresses taking up valuable closet space.

Make Repairs to Damaged Clothing

If there are tears, missing buttons or stains in your garments, have those taken care of first. Our in-house alterations and repairs experts can help make your old attire look like new. If you’re planning to give clothing away, this ensures that the next owner will be able to wear these treasured items for many more years.

Or, if you’re planning to add some of these old suits and dresses back to the rotation, you can have them altered to fit again. Try to be realistic about whether or not your old clothes are something you can see yourself wearing again. You can always take pieces of a set and give away the rest. For example, if a favorite suit jacket still fits, but the pants don’t, you can just keep what you’ll use and give away the rest.

Donate Unused Clothing to Charity

As we’ve mentioned already, giving old suits and dresses away to charity is a great option. Rather than letting these garments get pushed to the back of your closet, pull them out and give someone else the opportunity to cherish them. Your old clothes will not only be used again, but they could also help someone less fortunate.

Store Your Old Clothes the Right Way

So, maybe you still can’t part with that old prom dress or the suit you wore during your first big interview. Or, perhaps, you want to hold on to certain pieces to pass down to your younger family members. That’s fine! There are ways you can store your old garments without taking up much needed closet space.

You shouldn’t store your old clothes in sunlight, as the colours could start to fade. Consider storing your items in boxes under the bed or in a place that’s relatively cool and dark, like a basement storage room.

Garment bags are also great options for long-term storage. There are nylon and plastic options that you can hang in your closet if you have the space. Just be sure to invest in some cedar woods sachets to keep the moths away.

Take Care of Old Suits and Dresses at Kitsilano Dry Cleaners

If you’ve discovered old suits and dresses in your closet that you’d like to have repaired, altered or cleaned, West Boulevard Cleaners is here to help! Whether you decide to keep them or give them away, we’ll make sure your long-loved garments are in tip-top shape. Contact us today!