About Us

West Boulevard Cleaners is a trusted family-owned and operated business located in the community of Kerrisdale in Vancouver, BC.

Since opening in 1996, we have remained committed to being ecofriendly, maintaining a superb level of service and staying stay abreast of new technologies and environmental advancements in the garment cleaning process. We have developed a community presence that exceeds clients’ expectations.

Part of West Boulevard Cleaners’ commitment to customers has been the rebranding of the company’s image. Our fresh new look reflects outstanding dedication to providing exceptional garment care, customer service and environmental stewardship.

What exceptional customer service means to us:

At West Boulevard cleaners, we never offer “no” as an answer, we offer alternatives.

We give our undivided attention to all your needs and we take our relationship with our loyal clientele to heart.

Free Pickup and Delivery

Our free pick-up and delivery offers you a quick and convenient way to avoid another errand in your already busy schedule.
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