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3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Greener

Everyone knows that spring is the beginning of another wedding season. The gorgeous cherry blossoms, the stunning backdrop of the mountains and the spectacular ocean make Vancouver the perfect place to tie the knot. As the premier eco-friendly professional wedding dress cleaners in Vancouver we would like to offer these tips on how you can make your wedding an eco-friendly event and still throw the party of a lifetime.

  1. Choose a Sustainable Venue and Menu
  2. One of the best ways you can ensure a greener wedding is by choosing a venue that aligns with your values. Outdoor venues are wonderful places for a wedding because there are very few resources required. No matter where you decide to get married, try to incorporate as many eco-friendly elements as possible.

    Another place where you can make a sustainable choice is in your food menu. This is especially true if you will be serving seafood or fish. Take the time to see what products are on the ocean wise menu and talk to your caterer or the venue to see what environmental practices they employ.

  3. Go Vintage
  4. Vintage wedding dresses are quickly gaining popularity in the wedding scene and can provide quite a statement. Perhaps you are thinking about wearing a dress that is a family heirloom or you want to make a statement and not buy new.

    Regardless of your reasons, if you do decide on a vintage wedding dress let us ensure that it is clean and ready for the big day. Our eco-friendly cleaning services are in line with the sustainable wedding choices and we will treat this precious garment with the special care that it deserves. Bring it in and talk with one of our cleaning professionals in person. Best to phone first to make sure we’re available.

  5. Support Eco-Friendly Businesses
  6. Any wedding is a big event with many moving parts. From caterers to photographers to calligraphers, there are a lot of businesses that you will be dealing with as the big day draws nearer. Here is your opportunity to find businesses that reflect your values and offer sustainable choices or products. Some green ideas include:

    • Get all of your wedding invitations printed on recycled paper.
    • Make sure that your wedding favours are sustainable such as free trade tea, coffee or chocolate.
    • Ensure that all of your gifts on your registry are sourced from sustainable eco-friendly companies.

In 2018, the sustainable business choices are endless.

Let Us Help

At West Boulevard Cleaners, we also place an importance on eco-friendly choices and fully understand and support sustainable lifestyle choices. We understand how busy and involved you will be in your wedding decisions. We will do our very best to help your big day be a highlight in your life.

Give us a call to make sure one of our cleaning experts is available, then stop by with your dress, and see how our eco-friendly cleaning services can get your wedding dress ready for the big day and keep this treasured keepsake pristine for years to come.

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