2019 Spring Fashion Trends – Part 2

With so many different choices and styles available, one blog was not enough to do 2019’s spring fashion trends justice.  As the premier eco-friendly dry cleaning alternative in Kitsilano, here is our second installment of this year’s spring fashion picks.


Denim never goes out of style.  A few great designer jeans are a must, no matter what the season.  For spring 2019, the way denim is being used and the colour choice are the new trends.  This year’s colour choices for denim are dark greys, blues as well as black.  Everything from tuxedos to power suits and dresses are being offered in a denim cut with these dark bold colour schemes.

Pink and Red

Get your Valentine’s Day swag on every day with this spring’s pink and red colour schemes.  Millennial pink with a layer or splash of rouge is going to be everywhere this spring, so step out and show off this unique colour combination.

Fringe and Feathers

Fringe made its debut last year and is another surefire trend setter for 2019.  Fringe is going to be featured on everything from dresses and spring jackets to gloves and even earrings.  Look for this trend in all shapes and sizes this spring.

One of this year’s boldest fashion statements is feathers. Like fringe, look for feathers on almost all your favourite spring clothes in different shapes, sizes and colours.  Are you brave enough to be sporting this spring’s boldest and most unique fashion trend?


  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses never go out of style and are a must for any sunny Vancouver day.  However, 2019’s spring sunglasses trend calls for a wide experimentation and choice of colour as well as a throwback to the 90’s style – angled with razor edges.  Think Oakley Razorblades.

  • Fanny Packs

Need some extra room to carry your spring accessories?  Well, look no further than your must have 2019 spring accessory – the fanny pack.  Regardless of your fashion preferences, there are a wide range of different styles and sizes to choose from.

  • Hats

This spring’s hat choice is straw.  Large and oversized, not your typical Panama style, but is still the perfect companion for any of those warm late spring beach days.

Keep your Colours and Fashion Choices Bold this Spring

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