Clothes Moths: What Should You Do?

Clothes moths are a pain. They can be difficult to spot, so many people don’t realize they have a problem until they pull out their favourite cashmere sweater and notice small holes all over. As Kitsilano dry cleaners, we receive a lot of inquiries about how to protect your clothes and household fabrics from pests like moths.

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What You Can Do with Old Suits and Dresses

We’ve all been there. You’re doing some spring cleaning and decide to go through your closet, only to find a treasure trove of old dresses, suits and other clothing that you’ve held onto for years. Your Kitsilano dry cleaners are all too familiar with that dilemma.

Some items hold special sentimental value that makes them difficult to part with. Others may be in poor condition, which complicates the option of giving them away. If you’ve held on to certain items for so long, it may seem like a waste to simply throw them out. Luckily, we have several ideas to help you decide what to do with those old suits and dresses taking up valuable closet space.

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Winter Sweater Care

Our glorious winter sweaters are one of our most treasured pieces of our wardrobe. They’re soft, fluffy and keep us warm and cozy all season long. This is a tough job, though, and our sweaters start to show signs of wear from it much earlier than we’d like. Keep these tips in mind to get the most lifespan out of your winter sweaters. And when it comes time to clean them, you can count on your local Kitsilano dry cleaners to take precious care of them.

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Why Your Dry Cleaner Should Separate Your Items

If you regularly dry clean your important clothes, then there are probably a few factors that you look for in a high quality dry cleaner. While the right dry cleaner should offer you things like good stain removal, using high quality cleaners and timely job completion, the one factor that consumers often fail to look for is load separation.

Separating dry cleaning loads by different criteria is one of the most important tasks that a dry cleaner can do to successfully clean your clothes. Read about the different ways your clothes should be separated and find out how you can find the right dry cleaning service for you.

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After Party Care for Your Black-Tie Attire

When you get home from an enjoyable night out, the last thing you want to think about is doing your laundry. Quickly taking care of your black-tie attire after you get home greatly increases the lifespan of your clothing. It also saves you time, money and stress later when you’re in need of a particular shirt that might have been dirtied up at your last event. Learn how to properly care for your black-tie clothing articles, and why you should take your clothes to your local Kitsilano dry cleaners.

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How to Properly Clean Wool Blankets

Wool is one of our favorite things about colder weather. No matter what other materials you wrap yourself in or how high you turn up the heat, nothing ever feels as cozy as wrapping up in a wool blanket in front of a fire. Of course, it’s best to visit your local Kitsilano dry cleaners to take care of your woolens, as you want to be able to use them for years to come!

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How to Store Summer Clothes in Winter

If you’re anything like us, cooler weather has you feeling downright giddy. We’re all about putting on a fire, wrapping up in a blanket and getting cozy with a good book—and what better place to do that than here in Vancouver? Thankfully, when it comes to taking care of your winter wardrobe, your Kitsilano dry cleaners have got your back.

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Which Clothes Need To Be Dry Cleaned

It isn’t always easy to know which of your clothing items need to be dry cleaned. Ideally, you could send your entire wardrobe off and have a professional do that tedious laundry for you. However, that is very impractical for most people, tempting though it may be. Take a look below at some items that should always be professionally dry cleaned, then visit your Kitsilano dry cleaners for the best dry cleaning services Vancouver has to offer.

Deep Colors

We have all had that plain white t-shirt turn to an unplanned shade of pink after a round through the washer and dryer. It is an inevitable rite of passage into the world of doing laundry. This is because certain colors, notably red, used on certain fabrics, particularly wool, tend to “bleed” and affect the other lighter clothes in the same wash. Dyes used in clothing tend to be unstable and can be released from the clothes in your wash, resulting in color-tainted water. The brighter the color of that particular garment, the more dye is used, therefore the more likely that garment is to bleed. Friction caused by clothing rubbing against each other in the wash also results in color transfer, which is similar to bleeding, but may not affect the second garment as fully. When in doubt, always take clothes that fit this description to your dry cleaner. That have special solvents and processes specially designed just for items like these.


Whether it is men or women, a suit is at the peak of the professional look. It is of vital performance in the business and professional worlds that you always look your best. A suit does more to achieve that look than any other form of attire. If your suit is wrinkled or stained, you cannot achieve that desired look. Suits are far too delicate and important to your appearance to even consider laundering them yourself. They should always be taken to your local, trusted dry cleaner. Additionally, even if only one part of your suit needs to be cleaned, all parts should be taken in and dry cleaned together. That way all parts of your suit will exhibit equally the same natural wear that dry cleaning, or any laundering, will give it.

Delicate Materials

There are a great number of delicate materials that should always be handled by your local dry cleaning professional. Among these are rayon, silk-blends and wool-blends. Garments made of these materials have a tendency to lose their shape when washed in a home washing machine. The dry cleaning process does not use such rough and tumble action. Leather and suede are two more materials that require the care of a dry cleaner. Due to their soft nature, they have a high probability of disfigurement when exposed to water. Again, dry cleaning treats these delicate materials much better.

Visit Your Kitsilano Dry Cleaners

When you are in need of a high-quality, friendly neighborhood Kitsilano dry cleaners, look no further than West Boulevard Cleaners. We offer our customers more than just the typical dry cleaning experience. We also have free pickup and delivery, as well as in-house alterations. West Boulevard Cleaners is your one-stop dry cleaning service in Vancouver, now featuring two locations, in Kerrisdale and Kitsilano. Contact us today!


How to Care for Your Wool Garments

Fall is here, and that means soon you might be stepping out of the house in a wool sweater or donning your fashionable wool coat. Whether you look trend worthy or like you bought clothing that’s ten sizes too small, however, depends on how well you care for your wool items beforehand. Giving your woolens a little extra attention will not only have you showing up to events looking smart, but will also help extend the life of your garments.

Below are some useful tips for cleaning and caring for wool clothing. These ideas will help take care of minor problems and keep woolens looking fresh longer, but for more extensive cleaning make sure to visit your Kitsilano dry cleaners.

To Prevent and Remove Pilling

Woven fabrics will naturally pill after repeated wearing, leaving unsightly balls of fuzz all over your garments. Fortunately, pilling on natural fibers like wool is easier to deal with than pilling on synthetic fabrics. To make your sweaters pill at a slower rate, allow them to rest for a day or so. This gives the fibers a chance to return to their original shape after stretching while worn. To remove existing pilling, run a small short bristled brush over the garment with short, firm strokes.

To Remove Stains

To get rid of stains on wool clothing, timeliness is the key to success. Treat stains as soon as possible by rinsing the fabric with cold water or seltzer then blotting the garment dry with a clean cloth. Don’t scrub the item as this may set the stain. For stubborn stains or stains that have been on the item for a long time, a professional dry cleaner has more options at his or her disposal.

To Remove Wrinkles

To revive a wrinkled item, hang it in a steamy bathroom while showering. Alternatively, use an iron set to the wool or steam setting if you have access to one.

To Prevent Shrinkage

Wool garments are notorious for shrinking when put through a machine wash cycle. To avoid accidentally creating clothing fit for a small doll, never put wool items in the washer. Instead, hand wash your clothing in cold water. Afterward, gently roll the items in a towel, reshape them then lay them flat to dry.

To Prevent Stretching

Along with shrinking, woven items like wool are also known for their ability to stretch in undesirable ways. To prevent this, never use thin wire hangers to hang your wool clothing. Opt instead for padded hangers that are shaped to fit the contour of the garments. Additionally, never wring out wet woolens or squeeze them too hard when drying them in a towel. Doing so will cause the items to become misshapen.

Dealing with Mold and Moths

Storing wool clothing that’s still damp is a recipe for mold growth. Make sure that all wool items are completely dry before putting them away in a closet or drawer. To keep moths and silverfish out of your clothes, mothballs are the tried and true method. If you don’t like the smell of mothballs or want something more natural, using cedar hangers or sachets will also keep insect pests at bay.

Visit West Boulevard Cleaners, Your Kitsilano Dry Cleaners

Even with the best care, it’s still a good idea to have your woolens dry cleaned at least once a year. Get ready for fall by stopping in with your wool clothing at West Boulevard Cleaners, servicing Kerrisdale and Kitsilano, today!